In Joy Yoga begins with the premise that the practice of yoga is therapeutic and that our inherent nature is one of Joy.  The benefits are endless:


  • Strength & mobility
  • Benefits of the breath
  • Resilience
  • Function over form
  • Self awareness
  • Sense of purpose
  • Deep peace
  • Mindful breath

This is a practice to help us become the best version of ourselves.

You are capable. Your thoughts, actions and lifestyle largely determine your results. Great results come not only from doing your practice but also making time to receive a beneficial modality like Thai Bodywork.

I look forward to cultivating an optimal experience of purpose, well-being and Joy both on & off the mat. Sharing this practice with you is the highest honor!



Play is essential to life. Playing your edge is what brings forth your inherent greatness into being. Finding your edge is where growth begins.

I define play as ‘simply for the delight’ of it. Play also teaches us not to take life too srsly; it’s just a dance, the play of consciousness experiencing itself as you, as me.

What People Are Saying

I had my first experience with Thai Yoga Bodywork today. It will definitely be the first of many. John is knowledgeable, loves his work and put me at ease immediately by explaining exactly how the process works. I feel amazing this evening. So relaxed, but energized at the same time. And my stiff neck and shoulders are completely unknotted!! I’m already looking forward to my next appointment. If you haven’t tried this before, do it now. Your body will thank you!

Jill Wenzel

Transformational Health Coach

John is the master to go see if you want authentic Thai stretching. Athletes know they have to be stretched in order to avoid injury. Without a doubt he has kept my body parts healthy and has given me longevity to keep active every year. Stretching and elongating your muscles is the key to everyday life! Try him, you will be amazed. There are not many like him in the tri-state area, he’s unique.

Corinne Papasikos

64 year old competitive tennis player

The simplest way to describe John’s bodywork is IT MAKES YOU FEEL NEW! I often joke with him after a session, “I now have a brand new shoulder”. John takes his time to understand your discomfort and work through bit by bit until you feel better. I had a frozen shoulder and the doctor ordered 6-8 weeks physical therapy. As I started my PT, I also let John work on me. John has helped me so much that in about two weeks my pains were under control.

Another great aspect of John’s work is the alignment with traditional Chinese medicine healing. He patiently goes through meridian by meridian, getting rid of all stagnant energies accumulated inside your body especially when you are under stress. Even if you didn’t have any discomfort, your vital energy – “Qi” is stimulated, and blood and qi flow efficiently along the channels of the body. You feel more energetic and vibrant.

I feel one of the beneficial ways for me, is to have him work on the problem areas at least 2 to 3 times consecutively before significant results are apparent. I am so grateful that John is doing what I consider essential for balance of your mind and body.

Mei Jin Lu

PhD., is a direct descendant of the Taoist master Lu Dongbin, as well as the 25th generation lineage holder of the Quanzhen sect.

Finished my 18th session of Thai Yoga Bodywork with John Levis and the results blow me away. Arrived at his studio straight from a chiropractic adjustment feeling meh… Having dragged myself around all day trying to navigate the Healthcare system I was extremely tired and frustrated. 60 minutes later as I walked from John’s place I was standing taller and my walk was more stable then it’s been in quite a long time. At this rate I’ll be dancing by spring!!!!!

Ed Barron Morristown, NJ

My husband and I greatly enjoyed the couples thai yoga massage workshop! The room was full but we were well spaced out to work with our partners. Not only did John teach us techniques to massage our partners, he also taught us how to position out bodies to benefit from the movements too, and surprisingly he also taught us how to pay attention to our partner’s response and communicate with voice and body. I would love to take the class again, especially if there is wine after.

Siu Lo Seamon

Florham Park, NJ

I had a great experience during my first session of Thai Yoga bodywork with John. It was a great way to relax and restore the deepest layers of self along with the many physical benefits of this work. I highly recommend it!

Cheryl Wilson Verchinski

Florham Park, NJ

I enjoyed my Thai massage session with John very much! I was able to relax deeply and also got a great stretch. John has a very grounding presence and I would definitely recommend his session

Chelsey McCluskey

Montclair, NJ

I have received Thai Yoga Bodywork from 6 different practitioners over the last 10 years. John Levis’s work is the best I have ever had… and one of the other practitioners I had was a third generation bodyworker from Thailand! John’s clear sense of safety regarding the limits and potentials of my range of movement is excellent. Having weekly sessions with John for many months now is helping to keep me flexible and aligned, and has become a powerfully deep extended meditation session for me as well.

Dr. Sal Benanti

Kinnelon, NJ

John’s knowledge of Thai Yoga Bodywork exceeded my expectations and prior experiences with Thai Bodywork. As an athlete and avid yoga practitioner it was an incredible opportunity to receive a restorative stretch while simply focusing on the breath and my own meditation. It is an empowering yet relaxing method that I have a newfound understanding of and appreciation for due to my experience with John! Highly recommend!

Julie Grodsky

Yoga Instructor / Athlete

Had my first session a few months ago and absolutely loved John’s energy and technique! He has a great touch and is very knowledgeable. Don’t overthink this – book your session and feel amazing!

Branis Buslovich

Cold Spring, NY

Hit the reset on your routines by adding in regular bodywork sessions with John. You will feel amazing and begin to lead your life with your best self!

Ann Pelino

Madison, NJ

John is attentive, knowledgeable and has strong hands that work magic on your body! After his session I felt energized yet relaxed, pain-free and even an inch taller! It was like getting back to your body, totally aligned both physically and mentally. Highly recommend!

Julie Nabiullina

Basking Ridge, NJ